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October 19, 2022 2 min read

Furniture made from recycled coffee grounds…

We knew that someday coffee would answer all our problems, and this story truly caffeinated our souls! 

We want to introduce you to a waste-saving recycling legend Jani Lemut, the founder of Tomas & Jani, a sustainable, eco-friendly furniture label. They create pieces from waste materials such as used coffee grounds, recycled paper, and reclaimed wood offering an affordable alternative to expensive and high-end furniture, all while saving the planet in style!! 

In a recent article with Barbulianno, Jani explains that he finds a lot of inspiration from waste! "While searching through skips, I'm always coming up with new designs and ways to use waste". Are we best friends yet, Jani?

The coffee table just got a whole new meaning… let's see how it works!

What & How Discarded Waste Is Turned Into Furniture…

Tomas & Jani don't just create awesome furniture from coffee waste (coffee husks) but tetra packs, metal dust, and ground-down stone, all of which are by-products of various industrial processes. Plus, their finishes are non-toxic, water-based and natural. 

The process starts with selecting materials that are cleaned and dried before production. Materials are mainly manually processed, too, with no automated machinery. Then individual pieces are assembled by hand. Tomas and Jani work on a closed-loop production system meaning they use reclaimed materials, durable materials and repairable materials.

Speaking of repairable, did you know they'll also take back any old T&J furniture to repair and even upgrade? So you always have a unique and recycled piece that will last you a lifetime. Pretty cool! 

Sustainable Furniture & What's Next…

While wood is a sustainable solution over plastics, the origin and type of wood can determine a furniture item's sustainable properties. Janis believes that for a piece to be truly sustainable, each component should have a mandatory limit of sustainability.

Producing minimal waste, using waste materials, and supporting and buying local are essential aspects.

With an increase of people switching to second-hand furniture (woohoo!) Unfortunately, there are still so many cheap and nasty alternatives that are using Mother Earth's precious resources. Tom & Jani's are blurring the lines between high-end furniture & sustainable, everyday affordable items for everyone! 

The Coffee Husk Cup…

Need an excuse for another coffee? Well, we found it! 

You have probably seen these bad boys before, by some other local legends who are making the most of coffee husks! Our friends from Huskee! 

Sustainably sip from one of these…the Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup is made from the raw waste material produced during the coffee production's milling stage (the coffee husk).

They are the perfect waste-free alternative to single-use coffee cups that are created using resources that already exist! *Woohoo* 

Well, we are off for coffee number 3, just kidding! It's number 4. 

Thank you for tuning in for another Happy Earth News Story GFZ's. If you missed out last week, we shared some fantastic news about Woolies & Big W banning glitter this Christmas! It's well worth a glance. 

Until next week, enjoy! 

GFZ xx

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