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October 07, 2022 2 min read

Woolies & Big W Take The ‘Litter’ out of ‘Glitter’...

Early last week, supermarket and retail giants Woolworths & Big W announced that this Christmas will be glitter-free! 

Right before Christmas this year, the sale of glitter products from the company's personal range, including decorations, ribbons, trims, you name it; it all must be glitter-free with their aim to reduce their impact on the environment.

While we will only first see this initiative for Big W & Woolworth's "Own Brand Christmas" ranges, there are plans to work towards reducing it across the entire range. 

BIG W was the first of the Woolworths retail groups to introduce a glitter-free range of decorations last year in 2021, with the ban now extending to Woolworths for Christmas 2022.

We glitter-ally couldn't be more excited! 

Plastic Free Glitter Free Christmas

Speaking of Christmas… Reckon you still have that pair of miniature binoculars from the 2009 Christmas lunch bonbon? Any idea where they might even be? Nope, we aren't sure either, which is where the next amazing step comes in. 

In pushing for a more sustainable Christmas range, it has been announced that Bonbons will also be sold with plastic-free prizes. Let's be honest we we only love them for the paper dad jokes! 

The plan comes as all states and territories have strict plans to ban single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plates, straws, cutlery and products containing microplastics.

Woolworths & Big W have spoken out that while they realise this is only a small change and there is still a lot more to do, this is a small but meaningful change set to create a huge impact. 

This is just one way our voices, actions, and the way we consume creates change and sets us in the right direction for a cleaner future. Go you! 

Know of another fantastic initiative helping us move towards a sustainable Christmas? We'd love to hear from you at askusanything@goforzero.com.au.

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Much love GFZ's; see you next week!

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