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September 29, 2022 2 min read

18-Year Solar Power Storage Solution!

Yes, it is that time again! Time to share the goodness of our Earth, motivate all of you sustainable warriors, and brighten your day - pun intended!

This week's story is all about solar and a storage solution that could make a massive change to green energy as we know it, and with that, our romance with renewables continues. 

In 2017, Swedish scientists created an energy system that captures and stores solar energy for up to 18 years, releasing it as heat when needed. But a breakthrough invention has seen this same solution now have the ability not just to produce heat, but electricity! 

We want to share why this is major and how & where we will see this breakthrough begin… it's sun-believable. 

Solar Energy Storage Solution

Do You Know How Solar Energy Is Stored?

So because solar energy comes from the sun, we know it only works when it shines, right? So to store the heat energy received during the day, it goes into a battery (usually a lithium battery) which is a costly investment and not ideal for long-term storage.

But with all this fast-changing technology, we may be able to start utilising our solar panels at night…

So let's go further into the long-term storage solution of solar energy…

So how will they store it for 18 years?

Ready for a mini-lesson? It begins with a unique, created molecule. Yep mind blowing already. This molecule changes shape when hit by sunlight. It "shape-shifts" into a molecule that can then be stored in a LIQUID form for later use, such as at night or in winter.

You read that right, liquid solar energy!

The Ultra Thin Chip That Could Solve Solar…

Over the years, researchers have refined the system, so it is possible to store the energy for an incredible 18 years by connecting it to a "thermoelectric generator". 

This is an ultra-thin chip that could be integrated into electronics such as headphones, smart watches and telephones that has the potential to make them charge and power themselves! 

While we won't yet be able to find these chips in our local JB HIFI, it is incredible to see such technology grow. The next stage of this fantastic creation is to fine-comb the efficiency and costs to make it accessible & streamline the process. 

Thanks for staying until the end! Here is another fantastic story about night solar panels; it's such a good one! 

Have another solar sensation to share with us? We'd love to hear from you at askusanything@goforzero.com.au. 

Until next week GFZ's xx. 


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