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September 21, 2022 2 min read

Aussie Sustainable Winery Making An Impact…

Sip back and relax GFZ's; it's time to wine-down with today's Good Earth News story. (Wow a double in the first sentence, not bad).

We want to introduce you to  Hidden Sea Wines, a premium wine company making wines that matter for people that care. Boom, goosebumps already.

Hidden Sea Wines

How This Wine Removes Plastic From Our Oceans…

With every purchase of The Hidden Sea wines, your purchase goes towards cleaning up our oceans; with their partnership with  ReSea Project, these legends set the global standard for ocean waste plastic cleanup! 

By purchasing just one bottle of wine, 10 plastic bottles are removed and recycled from our oceans! You can even track their impact with them live  here

So you're saying that I'm technically saving the world by drinking their wine? Yep, in moderation, that's precisely what we are saying. 

8 Other Ways Hidden Sea Are Taking Care Of The Environment…

  1. Their winery is solar-powered and is working toward being carbon neutral by 2022.
  2. The wastewater from the winery is recycled. 
  3. All winery waste goes into the compost.
  4. The wine labels are laser-printed using water-based organic inks, and the colour gets burned off in the recycling process. The glass bottles are infinitely recyclable! 
  5. Carbon is reduced as a result of plastic removal and ocean cleanup.
  6. Hidden Sean Wines are members of  Sustainable Winegrowing Australia® and are HACCP accredited.
  7. Bulk shipping (for bottles to be filled at their destination) involves our wine being sent in 100% recyclable Flexi Bags (with no landfill involved). 
  8. All their wine cartons are cardboard sourced through manufacturers that only use sustainable and recyclable materials. And no wax or varnish is added to the cartons, so they remain 100% recyclable.

"The sea wrote the first half, and you can write the second half with us." - Hidden Sea Wines. 

The way we shop has a massive impact on our Earth. By supporting sustainable, transparent and honest labels, we can shape the course of packaging, waste and other sustainable consumption ideas for the future. 

We've seen it happen, like our recent story about  Coles offering reusable containers at their Deli departments; this is an excellent example of how individuals can make a huge impact. 

Stay tuned for another  Good Earth News story next week GFZ’s!

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