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October 26, 2022 2 min read

Unpicked Produce Helping People & The Planet

Remember the headlines not long ago about lettuce being $20? Well, what if we told you that with those rising costs of fresh produce, there was still produce that was simply just not being picked? *eye-roll*  (More on the reasons for this below).

The good news however is about a group of legends from the Cornwall Gleaning Network who have teamed up with volunteers to salvage unpicked produce; it's called 'gleaning'.

And word on the street is it might be some of the freshest produce you've ever had!

Cornwall Gleaning Network

But first, why is the produce not picked? 

While it varies from country to country, farms often plant more than their supermarket contracts demand due to weather conditions and seasons. They might grow two fields of cauliflowers, for example, knowing half may be doomed to fail supermarkets' strict cosmetic requirements. Isn't that wild? Devastating for our farmers and the planet.

The Gleaning Solution!

“Gleaners” collect leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or in areas where it is not economically profitable to harvest.

This incredible group has helped rescue 100 tonnes of surplus, discarded, and wonky vegetables from fields and farms.

Gleaning has allowed food that would otherwise be destined for landfill to be gifted to food banks, soup kitchens, refuges, and community larders. Did your heart just get super warm and fuzzy?

These gleaning superstars have made it possible for the freshest produce to land on dinner plates up and down the country. Can we get a woot woot? 

The group is thinking big and aims to work with big supermarkets to help create a national gleaning network. Amen! 

Is this something you think could happen in your area, or perhaps there already is a similar program? We'd love to hear from you at askusanything@goforzero.com.au

Foodbank Australia

FoodBank & How Can We Help Food Shortages in Australia…

For now, have you heard of a company called FoodBank? FoodBank is the largest hunger relief charity in Australia linking surplus food and groceries to people in need. We are in awe of them and have donated 19,000 meals to this date to them! (group hug time). 

You can learn more about FoodBankand how you can help shortages here. 

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Until next week GFZs! 

Much love, 

GFZ xx 

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