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June 28, 2024 4 min read

Welcome back, GFZ family 💚

We have been working on something super exciting and we can finally share the news! We're thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with Recycle Smart, the pioneers of smart recycling solutions in Australia, to help you recycle tricky-to-recycle items cheaper and more convenient! Let’s dive into the details.

Why We Teamed Up with Recycle Smart...

About 2 years ago, we launched our Go For Zero recycling program to keep non-recyclable items like blister packs, razors, bread tags, etc., out of landfills. This year, so many of you sent us your recycling boxes (thank you!), but we saw something we could not ignore.

First, the cost of shipping your recycling boxes to us was high. We saw some parcels being shipped to us that cost you easily $12 - $18. While we learned how amazingly passionate our community is and willing to pay to do good for our planet, we wanted to make recycling cheaper for you.

Secondly, we saw more and more parcels from NSW and SA heading to QLD. If you know that blister packs often can be recycled at your local pharmacy, it started to feel like we were not doing the right thing for our planet anymore. The emissions from shipping your hard-to-recycle items to us became unnecessary as more local recycling became available.

While we started our recycling program with the best intentions, we felt we were not doing the right thing for you and our planet anymore because there is a better, cheaper and more convenient company that reduces emissions, too. This is why we are launching our collaboration with RecycleSmart, and you will receive 15% off Go For Zero after your first pick up. High Five!

Who is RecycleSmart?

RecycleSmart, "the uber for recycling" launched in 2020 with the mission to revolutionise the recycling world  through their waste pick-up service. They hire local individuals to pick up your hard-to-recycle items, and work with local charities and recyclers to process waste, reducing emissions in the process. When items can't be recycled locally, they waste is collected in a warehouse and shipped out to a national recycler. One example is soft plastics.

They have a long list of hard-to-recycle items they can pick up from you to make sure it does not go to landfills. More about that below.

By partnering with RecycleSmart, we are able to make sustainable living more accessible, less expensive and more efficient for you! Go For Zero does not sell you waste, but we still want to help you and educate you on how you can keep other waste out of landfills. 

How it works

If you are ready to step up your recycling game (I know you are!), here are our steps to smart recycling:  

Step 1 - Local recycling:Start by looking into what your local council can recycle. It is budget-friendly for you and reduces emissions. Winning!
      • How? Simply google (or ecosia) "Recycling guide + Your Council", and print out or keep on your phone so you keep your local recycling brochure handy. The more local we can keep our recycling, the better! 
      • Tip: Your local pharmacy often collects blister packs, so ask them or find a participating pharmacy here and here. If your local pharmacy does not collect blister packs yet, maybe you can be the little nudge they need to sign up and collect blister packs for your community. Go, changemakers!
    Step 2 - Recycle Smart Pickups: When you can't find a local recycling option for your items, check if Recycle smart picks it up from you. It is so easy to sign up; just follow the steps below. 
        • Download the RecyleSmart app: It will ask your location to let you know if they collect in your area. They are almost nationwide so there is a big chance you can receive a pick up. YAY
        • Print out this common list of tricky-to-recycle RecycleSmart collect from you. From coffee cups, soft plastics, and batteries to e-waste, clothing and vapes, they have a huge list of items they can pick up from you.
        • Bag it up: you can use your shopping bags or order their bright pink bags to collect your items.
          • Note: If you put it in their pink or reusable shopping bags, the driver will take the waste and leave your bags. They will take the full bag if you put it in a soft plastic bag.
        • Book a pick-up: learn more here
          • Two big grocery bags cost you $15 to pick up. The parcels you ship to us often cost this amount, however the items would not fill 1/3 or a bag. Again, it will save you so much money!
          • You can also book a monthly pick up for $14 a month.
        • Get 15% off GFZ: Yes, yes, yes! After your first pick-up, you will receive a 15% off code for Go For Zero to reduce waste further. We love you tooooo!

      Step 3 - Go For Zero recycling program: Our recycling program is not disappearing because there are some items we recycle in our program, but RecycleSmart does not (yet), including razors, plastic coffee pods and toothbrushes. We are also keeping our recycling program in case RecycleSmart does not pick up from your area (yet). Our program is still here if Recycle Smart or your local options aren't available.

      • How? You can find out more about our recycling program here

       Making Recycling Smarter and Greener

        At Go For Zero, we're always seeking ways to reduce our and your environmental footprint. Reducing waste is the very first thing for us to do, always. As an eco-store, we know that partnering with RecycleSmart allows you to save money while keeping waste out of landfills and reducing emissions

        We're so excited because everyone is winning, and more information is about to come! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this collaboration or any questions or suggestions you might have. Never hesitate to email me at ellie@goforzero.com.au.

        Until next week we think you'll also love this Happy Earth news about From Coffee to Concrete: Victoria’s 'Groundsbreaking' Pathway Project, it's another fave of ours! 

        Much love, 

        Ellie x

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