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May 20, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

House Bricks Paving The Way For The Future of Bees! 

Welcome back GFZ’s to another Happy Earth News Story and this time we are Celebrating World Bee Day!

I promise I will try to keep the bee puns to a minimum, it's an easy one to work with, but I don't want to  bee that gal… 

Let’s dive straight into this story where they are literally paving the way for the future of bees! A UK based company called Green & Blue, have designed bricks to house and keep bees safe while also being durable enough to build our houses too!!

 Bee Brick Bee Saving Program Green & Blue

Why We Need To Look After Our Bees

Did you know pollinators account for a third of the world's food??? 

However, recent research has shown that bee numbers have declined significantly! 

The decline has been said to be caused by many factors such as pesticides, industrial farming techniques and climate change! 

Bees are a crucial and leading member of our ecosystem. Many animals depend on the bee for their survival and food source to grow through its pollination! Bees balance and pollinate our native plants and vegetation to keep our ecosystem balanced! 

They are a big deal and together, with the help of the Bee Brick we can make a difference!! 

How Do These Bricks Work?

The bricks were originally made in Cornwall from concrete, using up to 75% recycled material from the Cornish Clay industry ( we love that )! 

The Bee Brick issolid at the back and has moulded small holes where the bees can crawl in and be protected by the weather, lay their eggs and seal the entrance with mud or chewed up vegetation! 

These bricks can be used in urban spaces and places where there may not be alternative nesting sites for bees, either built into a wall or building or simply popped by themselves in your garden! 

Important note! Solitary bees (the type these bricks attract) are harmless and will not sting you unless you handle them roughly, even then their stings are not painful, meaning they are safe to encourage around pets and children. Bee-autiful! 

So…How can I get them?!

The bricks are not yet available from our local Bunnings, but can be purchased through the UK webstore, Green & Blue

They sit at approximately $50 per brick, however discounted for large builds!

But there are other ways we can play our part for our bees, including ways that don't cost a cent!

5 Ways You Can Protect Bees?

  1. Plant bee friendly plants and natives!
  2. Avoid chemicals and pesticides in the garden! 
  3. Support local beekeepers! Purchase incredible local honey that hasn’t traveled as far and supports ethical beekeepers! 
  4. Create a bee bath!The legends from 1 Million Women show us how it’s done! 
  5. Donate & Educate! 

 We hope you found this story the absolute bees knees! Look out for our buzzy friends this Bee Day! 

Join us for more un-bee-lievable, (that was my last one I swear), Good Earth News Story here! 

GFZ Team xx

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Sue Wright
Sue Wright

May 31, 2022

More a question than a comment…..
Your article about bee-friendly bricks doesn’t mention their size. Do you know how large they are?
With thanks 🙏🏻

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