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December 08, 2021 3 min read

Scientific research shows that kindness boosts the immune system and relaxes the nervous system. It is the most powerful and underrated agent of human change!

What started the Kindness Factory? 

What started as Kath Koschel's incredible journey of courage, hope, and challenges, has led to a global kindness movement. Kath was a former elite cricketer whose life took a drastic turn without warning. Kath sustained a back injury which was followed by complications from surgery that led to a surgeon's recommendation of amputating her leg within 24 hours. Thanks to Kaths 'never give up' attitude, she refused to let them amputate the leg sooner. At the eleventh hour, her persistence paid off big time as the surgeons discovered a small bleed in her abdomen that was preventing the blood flow to her leg. They were able to fix the bleed and save her leg.

During her rehabilitation journey, she met her shining light that brightened a dark journey, Jim. However, in 2012, Jim passed away which forced Kath back into darkness again. Throughout this traumatic physical and mental journey, Kath believes that small acts of kindness kept the fire alive in her belly. In 2015, she was the first person with prosthetic discs in her back to complete an Iron Man Triathlon with only feeling in one of her legs! Whilst training for her next triathlon she was struck from behind by a 4wd whilst riding her bike. She broke her back again. Devastating.

Kath continued to be inundated with acts of kindness from those surrounding her, which she believes saved her life. With first-hand experience of how powerful simple gestures can be, Kath launched the Kindness Factory in 2015 in an attempt to reach 1 million acts of kindness.

What an incredible woman. Kath, you are so brave for sharing your journey and choosing to use it as a force for good. 

What is the Kindness Factory?

The Kindness Factory is an Aus and USA based not-for-profit that has an online register allowing people to log their kindness. So far they have logged 3,157,794 acts of kindness. You can add your own actions here. This encourages and motivates people to be more mindful of how their actions can improve their own life and the lives of others surrounding them.

The Kindness Factory also raises money to develop educational programs in schools and universities, to encourage the next generation to grow up with foundations of kindness. *legends*

Their mission is to help humans play kind, have fun, connect with others, know how and when to reach out for help, be resilient and treat themselves, people around them, and the planet with dignity and respect.

What areas does the Kindness Factory focus on?


As mentioned above, these change-makers deliver emotionally engaging programs to schools with practical, evidence-based, positive mental health, and kindness strategies to build resilience and happiness. They have delivery programs to over 200 schools in Australia, and are known as one of the most engaging programs against bullying.


They engage with small and large communities around the world via their free online platform, creating a safe space for individuals to inspire and be inspired by others' acts of kindness.


Through research, they aim to understand the neurological, psychological, physical, spiritual, cultural, and social benefits that arise from acts of kindness and spread awareness.

How do I get involved or donate?

Head here to donate. Spread the word by sharing this blog, tell your school, tell your friends, family and most of all, teach your little ones the importance of kindness each and every day.

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