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December 29, 2023 2 min read

Platform Zero: Kickstarting a Zero-Waste Supermarket Revolution

Conscious consumers gather around!

We’d like to introduce you to Platform Zero, the legends with the ingenious solution for tackling supermarket food waste. 

Picture this: supermarkets tossing out tons of perfectly good, slightly imperfect, produce each day. Have you seen this Aldi video recently. This was so disappointing to see! So we are so happy to learn about Platform Zero. They had the light bulb moment we've all been waiting for: a digital platform that connects connecting restaurants, cafes and small businesses, and links supermarkets to various food charities. The platform also ensures that farmers get paid for their produce instead of the fruits of their labour being thrown away. Yes please! 

Platform Zero Go For Zero

Now, hold onto your reusable shopping bags because here come the statistics to wow your eco-conscious soul. Did you know that, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption worldwide is wasted annually? Yikes!

Platform Zero provides a lifeline for this surplus produce. With their innovative digital marketplace, shoppers get access to these slightly imperfect yet perfectly delicious items at a fraction of the original cost. Think about it—a win for your wallet and an even bigger win for the planet.

This digital haven isn't just a marketplace; it's supporting local farmers, armed with their juicy strawberries, ripe avocados, and happy, pasture-raised chickens, cutting out the middlemen and delivering all this goodness right to the community doorstep. It's like Tinder for eco-foodies, swiping right on sustainable, locally sourced produce!

Platform Zero orchestrates this epic rescue mission for surplus produce. Supermarkets unload excess goods, distributors broadcast sweet deals, and local businesses snatch up bargains. Everyone wins, and those tomatoes avoid a sad fate in the dumpster. Cheers to less waste and more pasta specials at your local restaurants!

I can't wait to be snagging a bunch of quirky-looking but tasty carrots, or a basket of slightly misshapen but oh-so-sweet apples, all while giving them a second chance and saving some money at the same time. 

Platform Zero Go For Zero

You can join the community of Platform Zero here for now as their movements and further expansion are on the way.  

So, here's to Platform Zero, the trailblazers in the fight against food waste! 

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Much love, 

GFZ Team xx

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