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Roads made from recycled plastic...

October 02, 2020 2 min read


Photo via: Downer Group

An innovative solution to recycling plastic waste

PlastiPhalt is a game changing product in sustainable road development that recycles soft plastics, glass bottles, printer cartridges, and even plastic from old cars to create a bitumen-like formula. It was created in collaboration by Downer Group, Close the Loop, and the Red Group.

The benefit of PlastiPhalt

This awesome solution diverts waste from landfill and reduces the need for non-renewable resources used to produce standard asphalt pavements. The bonus is that the plastic is completely dissolved into the bitumen, avoiding the risk of micro-plastics coming out of the pavement.

The road stays together by using recycled plastics instead of oil. Did we mention experts believe it is even more durable than standard bitumen?!

Where is it being used?

It is currently being used in various Aussie states and countries across the world. A 300 meter street in Melbournes north contains 200,000 plastic bags, 63,000 glass bottles, and 4,500 used printer cartridges mixed with asphalt. The rubbish inside the road is the equivalent to the amount the residents of that street would have collected in their recycle bin over 10 years. How awesome is that?!

This product proves that items in landfill have economic, social and environmental value. Spread the word so road development near you can look like this.


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