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October 07, 2021 2 min read

Turning Chicken Poop into Power 

Let’s be honest, when it comes to chicken poop, most of us would call this substance waste in the most absolute reflection of the word. But what if chook poop has more power than we thought (see what we did there)?

Aspartners with Trace ourselves, we were thrilled and amazed to hear about their latest project in partnership withSouth Pole. Together, these organisations are working to support an amazing initiative in Andhra Pradesh, India, that is turning chicken droppings into fuel that can power neighbourhoods with ease!

Why We Love it!

Beforethis project launched, the droppings from chickens were being dumped into pits near the chicken farms. This then resulted in a lofty amount of methane being released into the atmosphere. 

Since we know that methane is 84x more potent than Co2 when it comes to heating up the atmosphere, this was simply not something to be ignored. Couple this with the greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels and the solution became clear. 

By turning chicken poop into energy (with a fancy 7.5MW capacity generator), there is a smaller reliance on fossils fuels and waaaaay fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere! Can we get a *woot woot*?!

The Benefits

Think the power-changing benefits end there? Think again! Beyond mitigating 117,000 tones of Co2 on average per year, this project also supports UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing clear, odourless air for the local community. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

In addition, thermal power plants that previously dominated the region will be replaced with an estimated 121,000 MWh of clean energy from the sustainable resource. To put this into perspective, 1MWh is enough to power 330 homes with continuous energy for 1 hour! 

And of course, the local economy will benefit from an additional 68 jobs to help support workers and their families in India. 

Not only will these families have a reliable income to support the economy, but the skills they learn through this project could contribute to other renewable energy projects down the road to power a better world for us all! 

Chook Poo for the Planet

It’s safe to say that we will never think of chicken poop as a wasteful material again! With initiatives like this, we’re so proud to be a part of the change by supporting carbon emission offsetting efforts through Trace. 

Check out theirother projects here to see how this amazing company is making a difference and discover how you can get involved in the powered-by-poop movement!

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