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April 21, 2020 2 min read

10 ways to re-use a mason jar

How many times have you had Spaghetti Bolognese, minced garlic or pesto in your life? Each of these guys are available in a jar, which should be viewed as an added value to your initial purchase. For example, when you purchase your spaghetti sauce, it also comes with a tupperware container, smoothie cup, vase, pantry organiser and water bottle all in one! 

Developing a Circular Mindset

In this blog we'll talk about how you can move from a linear or recycling mindset to a circular mindset. In a circular economy you're thinking of how you'll lengthen your products lifecycle before you've even purchased it. Even your jar of minced garlic, you see, once you have a jar, what's stopping you from making your own minced garlic & storing it in there once you've used the first batch?

Linear to Circular mindset

Image Source: @the_plasticfree_people


We touch on developing this mindset in our blog 'Beginners guide to reducing waste'.

" When you buy something, you are responsible for its entire life cycle.
It takes 5 seconds to follow this purchasing strategy that will save you time, money & unnecessary clutter. Before you buy something, ask the following question:
How will I dispose of this when I’m finished with it?
Now answer it in the next five seconds:
  1. Can I reuse it?
  2. Can I compost it?
  3. Can I recycle it?
  4. Is it difficult to recycle?
  5. Will it most likely end up in landfill?
If you answered yes to 4 or 5 place it back on the shelf and repeat after us: 
‘If I stop buying crap,
companies will stop making crap’ "

Why are jars treated like gold in a zero wasters eyes?

They are durable, cheap, leakproof, easily recycled, versatile & did we mention cheap? Plus they won't leach nasty toxins onto your food & drinks.

Prepping reused glass jars:

Firstly, you have to prep your old jars so they don't have that ugly half removed sticker and lingering smell.

How to remove the sticky labels & smells from jars:

  1. Remove as much of the label as possible
  2. Rub the area with a combination of bicarb soda & coconut oil to loosen the glue used on the labels
  3. Wash the jar & scrub well
  4. Use a 50/50 soak of vinegar & water overnight to remove lingering smells!

Now you're good to go! 

Our top ways to reuse glass jars:

  1. Plants
  2. Cleaning recipes
  3. Storing food/ lunchbox
  4. Tupperware to store soups
  5. Water bottle
  6. Smoothie cup
  7. Gifts  (jar of chocolates)
  8. Cocktail glass
  9. Candle/ lantern
  10. Toothbrush/ makeup brush holder
  11. Tool holder
  12. Money box
  13. Terranium
  14. Pencil holder
  15. Vase

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