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February 07, 2022 5 min read

Collagen Powder 101: Types, Benefits, and More!

Let’s be honest - if there was a way to defy ageing and stay looking smooth and supple forever, most of us would be all over it! Unfortunately, staying 29 for the next 40 years isn’t in the cards (curse you biology!). 

Lucky for us, keeping our bodies healthy and young is much easier with the help of magical collagen powder!

Ok, ok, maybe it’s not magic - but when it comes to the benefits of collagen powder, the results are nothing short of amazing! 

From slowing the ageing process from the inside out to keeping your heart and gut in tip-top shape, there are more than a few reasons to adopt a collagen powder into your daily routine. Wondering what it is that makes collagen so great? Let’s dive in!


What is Collagen?

Believe it or not, collagen is actually the most abundant protein in the human body! 

While collagen exists in 16 different compositions, four main types make up the ‘glue’ that holds our body together via our skin, ligaments, bones, teeth, and more! 

These four different types of collagen break down like this:

  • Type I - dense fibres responsible for the structure of your skin, bones, tendons and connective tissue, and teeth. 
  • Type II - Found in the elastic cartilage that cushions joints.
  • Type III - Muscles, organs, and artery structure.
  • Type IV - Found in the layers of the skin and aids in important filtration.

Our bodies naturally produce collagen with the help of certain dietary aides (such as vitamin C), to ensure our systems and structures are properly supported. Unfortunately, as we pass the age of 20, we actually begin to lose collagen stores (roughly1% per year!). 

Our bodies not only begin to produce less of the stuff but also lower quality. That’s where collagen powder supplementation comes into play. 

The Benefits of Collagen Powder

While we can avoid collagen-killing problems like getting too much sun exposure and eating a refined-sugar heavy diet, most of our collagen loss is simply associated with the aging process. Fortunately, the easiest way to boost our collagen stores is to take a high-quality collagen supplement. 

Here are some of the benefits you may experience with this simple addition:

1. Smoother, Younger, and More Radiant Looking Skin

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of taking collagen is the impact it has on your physical appearance. 

If you’re skin is looking dull, wrinkled, and saggy (or you want to prevent this from happening) a high-quality collagen powder is the way to go. This is because collagen is one of the key ingredients needed to support that supple, smooth skin associated with anti-aging. 

Along with stronger skin structure, collagen can also help improve your skin’s elasticity and increase blood flow to the skin. This extra boost then leaves you looking healthy and flushed for the ultimate ageing solution from the inside out.

2. Reduce Joint Aches and Pains

Part of staying healthy and young is keeping up your daily exercise. Of course, this can be tricky if your joints are left aching after every walk, workout, or long day on your feet. 

Just like it supports your skin, the right collagen supplement can also support that cushiony cartilage that keep your joints from feeling achy. 

Studies suggest that oral collagen may actually help your body repair cartilage in the joints and provide an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the amount of post-exercise pain user’s feel as experienced by the study’s participants. 

3. Promote a Healthy Gut

Individuals who suffer from digestive conditions such asirritable bowel syndrome (IBS) actually show lower levels of collagen than those with healthy digestive tracts. This leads experts to believe that increasing collagen stores via oral consumption may actually help support a healthier environment for your gut!

4. Stronger Bones and Teeth

One of the concerning side effects of decreased collagen in the body is the impact it has on our bones. Although we associate calcium with those strong bones and teeth, collagen actually plays a massive role in the density of these areas. 

Research suggests that collagen stimulates bone formation while slowing down the natural process of bone loss we experience in later life. 

Imagine how strong your bones and teeth would be if you got ahead of the process now!

5. Stronger Nails and Hair

Just like in the skin, collagen can help your body create important fibroblasts that promote the growth and healthy turnover of cells in your hair and nails. While skin may see greater elasticity, plumpness, and smooth appearance, collagen-related hair benefits show up in stronger strands, fewer unwanted greys, and even hair growth in some cases!

The same goes for your brittle, breaking nails!

Not All Collagen Powders are Created Equal


As you’ve likely already guessed, not allcollagen powder supplements are as effective as others. This is largely due to the source of the collagen, quality of the powder, and use of supporting vitamins such as vitamin C. 

Believe it or not, collagen formation can’t actually take place if vitamin C isn’t present. For this reason, the best results come from powders that deliver a healthy dose of the good stuff at the same time! 

Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen

While mysterious ‘vegan collagens’ have surfaced on the market, there’s actually no such thing. This is because collagen is found in the cartilage of animals, not plants. Fortunately, there are still forms of collagen that are more sustainable and earth-friendly. 

While the effectiveness of bovine and marine collagen are technically the same, bovine collagen can be extracted from the skin of the bovine that would otherwise be considered waste. In addition to this, the amount of collagen we can get from one bovine is far greater than one fish - thus reducing the amount of farming needed to keep us going!

Of course, the real difference takes place in the form of the collagen used within your supplements. 

The Nutra Organics beauty collagen usesVERISOL® bioactive collagen peptides that are hydrolyzed to the exact length that regenerates in our skin, hair, and nails. Backed by scientific research, this specific collagen proves to be more effective than standard bovine AND marine collagens for the best possible results. 

What to Look for in Your Collagen

Here atGo For Zero, we consider ourselves research masters - vetting every product personally before adding it to our purpose-driven line up. 

We aim to reduce the amount of confusion and complication around great quality, sustainable products and highly encourage our shoppers to look into the ingredients on your favourite product labels too! 

If you are already using a collagen productor are interested in investing in one, be sure to check the labels for a few key elements:

  • Bioactive ingredients - this lets you know that the collagen used will simulate your body to produce more collagen rather than just pumping in unusable stores.
  • Peptides - our bodies won’t be able to break down all collagens, because of this, you’ll need peptides to ensure your collagen powder is usable by the body for optimal results.
  • Registered Trademark - superior products are worth copying, that’s why the best collagen supplements have been trademarked for protection!
  • Scientific research and studies - collagen is complicated. When it comes to an effective formula, your collagen supplement should be diligently researched and tested to reflect the most effective ingredients.

For a solid example of this, check out the label on Nutra Organics’ Beauty Collagen!

Your Collagen Questions Answered

If you’ve been wondering why you should take collagen, we hope this article cleared up those burning questions! From the different types of collagen to the amazing benefits of taking your daily dose, the research is simply undeniable! 

Ready to nourish your body from the inside out? Pick up your delicious, beauty-boosting powder here!

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