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May 21, 2021 5 min read

In a world full ofgreenwashing, it’s hard to tell which companies you can really trust. 

We all know we can’t trust everything we read on the internet, but when it comes to your products, we say enough is enough. 

Go For Zero was born out of a need for honesty and quality, and because of this, we’re committed to being fully transparent and open about all of our products, processes, and production.

How can you be sure? Follow along to discover the Go For Zero values we believe in so fully and how we back them up!

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Before we jump into our specific set of values, we wanted to draw attention to a set of goals that has not only inspired our values but helped shape the way we operate. 

TheUN Sustainable Development Goals are essentially a blueprint designed to help us aim for a more sustainable and overall better future. These 17 goals touch on the most impactful areas that we as humans can focus our energy on to improve the health of the world, including all people, animals, and land. 

The goals address all global challenges including poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, climate change, and peace and justice. 

Ultimately, we wanted to find a way to contribute to as many of these goals as possible within our set of specific values. We’re pretty proud to share that we have direct connections to 7 of the goals in our daily routines (stay tuned to learn more!).

Go For Zero Values

Go For Zero Australia Zero Waste And Toxin-Free Store

Go For Zero Founder, Ellie & her two gorgeous munchkins, Harper (left) and Gracie (right).

Go For Zero was never a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. In fact,our founder, Ellie, first launched the company out of a need for her own family’s health. With a sensitive skinned daughter, Ellie set to work to find the best natural products that she could offer her family. Unfortunately, what she found in this process was a heartbreaking lie.

Fed up with so many companies trying to fool consumers with their greenwashing schemes, Ellie committed to sourcing honest, Australian-owned products that were both good for her families health and the planet. It was then that she knew she couldn’t keep these secrets to herself, and the Go For Zero brand was born. 

Since then, Ellie has been committed to making positive change simple among a community of like-minded individuals that are not willing to compromise their health nor the planet. 



Companies are legally allowed to use a number of chemicals in our everyday products that are far from ‘safe’. In fact, many of these chemicals are even hidden in the ingredient list as perfume, foaming agents, and preservatives. 

This, of course, is not the case at Go For Zero. We personally research and test every single product on the website to ensure that no toxins sneak through and make it to your skin or drain (UN Goal #6: Clean Water & Sanitation).

Prior to joining the Go For Zero community, our team not only ensures no toxic ingredients or harmful production processes are used but also ensures the product is of excellent quality. This means that even if a brand is toxin-free, if it doesn’t work or makes false claims, it doesn’t make the cut.



After a quick glance at our site, you’ll quickly discover that all of our products are as plastic-free andsustainable as possible. This is because we don’t believe in supporting the production, use, and distribution of unnecessary plastic. 

Because we have a passion for reducing waste, we’ve even set up a ‘shop by packaging’ filter on our site so you can choose what packaging you are most comfortable with! 

Choose from glass, metal, or other easily recyclable or compostable materials to support a circular economy (UN Goal #12: Responsible Consumption & Production)! And of course, you can always rely on plastic-free shipping to get your beloved products to you responsibly. 



Since we are an Australian born brand, we believe in keeping our community of suppliers local! This means every product on the site is owned by an Aussie brand. 

This not only helps fuel our economy (UN Goal #8: Decent Work & Economic Growth) but also ensures the least amount of environmental impact from processes such as shipping. 

This means that you can feel great about supporting your local Australian businesses while doing your part for the entire planet. 


Our passion for protecting the earth doesn’t stop at our plastic and toxin-free approach. From creation to delivery, we strive to ensure all of our business proceedings are just as eco-friendly as they are people-friendly. 

To do this, we only use carbon neutral delivery methods and offset delivery for each order using ShopPay (our online payment platform). 

We have also partnered with Trace to offset the emissions of our employees, warehouse, and international shipping to the best of our ability (UN Goal #13: Climate Action). 

Community Support

Last but certainly not least, we do our best to support eco-driven charities that offer support to humans, animals, and the land. 

As a collection site for Terracycle, we accept any hard to recycle materials to be repurposed and contribute to that circular economy we touched on earlier. As a bonus, every time we send in materials, Terracylce credits us with money to donate to worthy organizations. 

So far, we have been able to supportClean Up Australia,Sea Shepherd,Planet Ark,1 Million Women,Bungalow Koalas,WWF-Australia,Terracycle Foundation, andTen Little Pieces.

And finally, we’ve partnered up with i=change to donate $1 from every order to a charity of your choice! The 3 charities to choose from include:


This charity works to clean trash from our beloved ocean (UN Goal #6 and #14: Clean Water & Sanitation and Life Below Water). Just $1 helps to remove 1.2 kg of plastic and other debris from our sea. 

Greening Australia

Restore the land with a donation to Greening Australia. This company works hard to plant trees and shrubs to contribute to the repopulation of essential plants in Australia (UN Goal #15: Life on Land). $50 in donations plants enough to restore 1 tonne of carbon dioxide!

Food Bank

Donate a dollar to the Australian Food Back to assist Aussies in Crisis and feed the hungry (UN Goal #2: Zero Hunger). $1 supplies 2 meals to an Aussie in need!

Aside from the charities we support, we also aim to create a community of positivity around reducing waste and educating our followers about the impact our choices have on both the environment and our health. 

We hope to bring an optimistic view to the sustainability movement with free tips and advice to encourage and promote change rather than scare, guilt, and shame. After all, we’re all just doing the best we can!


Do Good with Go For Zero

Now that you know the heart behind the brand, we hope you feel empowered to help alongside us! Whether you are passionate about toxin-free living, environmental issues, or simply want the best for your family, we hope to be a community of support for all of your needs. 

Want to join our mission for a better planet? Kickstart yourzero-waste journey,go plastic-free, orditch the chemicals with our selection of responsibly sourced products today!

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