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Where to start when going toxin-free...

January 22, 2020

10% of chemicals tested for their safety

Going toxin-free can be:

1. Easy, exciting, empowering and rewarding


2. Overwhelming, time-consuming, expensive & wasteful

This blog will give you tips and ideas on where and how to start your journey, so you don't end feeling like number 2!

What to avoid:

  • Spending hours and hours of researching individual ingredients
  • Throwing out all your existing products at once
  • Falling for greenwashing and false marketing claims
  • Getting carried away and overloading yourself

Where to start:

Find a company that you trust with strong toxin-free values that does all the long hours of research for you (us😜). In a perfect world you could throw all of your toxic products out and replace them with earth loving alternatives. However, this is expensive. wasteful. and time-consuming. Life is busy, and most of us live with other humans so it's important not to overwhelm yourself and take it one product at a time.

*Golden rule*:
If a toxic product falls under at least 2 of the following categories than prioritise and switch it first!

1. You use it every day
2. Blocks Pores
It is applied directly to:
3. The skin
4. The largest surface area

Toxin-free Prioritising Checklist:



Applied Directly to Skin Large Surface Area

Body Wash

Make Up


The easiest way to do it is to write down each product you'd like to switch, list these categories next to them in a table. Tick the boxes and based on this prioritise which ones are most important to get rid of first. Hot tip: The ones with the most ticks should be switched first. 😉

So for the above example you would replace them in the following order:

1. Antiperspirant

2. Body Wash

3. Make up

I started my journey with deodorant, followed by body wash & moisturiser. Once I tackled these ones, I went back to the list and kept going. When your next step is clear, it's easy 💪

It's a journey that makes your health bloom and your heart sing.✌️

We've broken it down into 4 of the main categories below. Tackle one at a time:

1. Deodorant & Perfume

Antiperspirants stop you from sweating by blocking your pores. This forces the body to sweat beneath the skin, trapping and building up toxins…Eeek that doesn’t sound good!
It's normal to sweat! Sweat is odourless, it's the bacteria build up on skin that causes your pits to stink! Soooooo, you need a deodorant that has awesome anti-bacterial properties to avoid smelling.

Chemical Free Australian Deodorant

2. Personal Care & Beauty

Your skin absorbs 60% of topically applied products and it takes roughly 26 seconds for them to travel down into your bloodstream. Think of products that are applied directly to your body here! 
Chemical Free Skincare and Beauty Products

3. Laundry

Clothes make direct contact with your skin every day (well...maybe 🙈). Ever feel itchy, or uncomfortable after putting them on? Some detergents are so toxic we avoid touching them with our skin, does it make sense if we then wear our clothes after they're washed in toxic products? 

Chemical Free Laundry Stain Remover Stick

4. Cleaning

Ever thought about the chemical residues left around the home post clean? Toxin-free cleaning products are not only better for a crawling bub, lazy pup, your dish hands and local environment, they are also awesome value for money. Don't forget air fresheners here! Check out our blog on '5 Easy ways to use Soapberries and Essential Oils for Toxin-free Cleaning'.

Chemical Free Dish Washing and Cleaning Soap Block

Our promise...

​When shopping with us we guarantee that all of our products are toxin-free. We take out the long hours you might spend researching individual ingredients by promising that all of our products follow the strictest toxin-free criteria on the market (EWG).

We do this whilst supporting honest Australian companies that do the right thing. Please reach out to us if you have any questions! We want to help you achieve a toxin-free lifestyle in every way possible!

With love, Ellie & the GFZ team xx

🌿 🌿 🌿 

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