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February 23, 2024 2 min read

Hi Planet-Lovers!

Did you know that 1.8 million mattresses are discarded annually in Australia; with 740,000 going straight to landfills? This takes up a large amount of landfill space and contributes significantly to environmental pollution. The good news is that mattresses are made of recyclable materials such as foam, metal springs, and wood, which can be reused and repurposed…

‘Soft Landing’ mattress recycling, with love for our planet and people

Meet Soft Landing, a national social enterprise that collects and recycles mattresses to keep waste out of landfills and create jobs for people experiencing barriers to work. For every 23 mattresses collected and recycled daily, a job is created.

The mattresses are manually disassembled to reduce their environmental impact and reduce harmful by-products such as microplastics. Timber bases are turned into mulch, internal springs are separated and sent to scrap metal recyclers, and foam is recycled into carpet underlay.
They manage to recycle 75% of all mattress components and have processed 507,000 mattresses in just one year, saving:

  • 6900 tonnes of steel (equivalent to 3150 standard cars)
  • 1159 tonnes of foam (equivalent to 43 backyard pools)
  • 747 tonnes of timber (equivalent to 500 doors)

While recycling a single mattress might not seem huge, individual actions add up. Soft Landing finds new purposes for recycled materials, such as metal roofing, carpet underlay, and mulch, all designed with the greenest intentions to ensure old mattresses find a second life without harming the environment.

How to recycle your mattress with Soft Landing 

Soft Landing operates across six sites in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. You can either drop off your mattress at one of their designated drop-off locations or book a pickup service. 

  • If you choose to drop off, you can find the Soft Landing Drop-Off Locations here.
  • If you prefer pickup, the cost varies between $52 and $80, depending on your location. Book your pickup with Soft Landing here.
It’s not just about saving the planet and having a clean conscience; supporting Soft Landing also helps create employment opportunities for people facing barriers to work! 

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