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February 25, 2024 2 min read

The movement towards refillable, natural makeup is gaining momentum… and we are here for it!
The mainstream makeup industry has a lot to answer for; from questionable ingredients and fillers, to generating huge amounts of unnecessary waste every year. But strap in, the refillable, natural makeup revolution is here to stay!

Below, you'll find out five essential things about (refillable) makeup and how to use it.

Refilllable makeup in australia

5 things you need to know about (refillable) makeup

1. Mainstream makeup madness
Every year the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of plastic packaging. True story! Research show that refillable cosmetics save up to 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, 65% of energy, and 45% of water compared to their traditional counterparts. Talk about a glow-up for the planet!

2. Declutter Your Makeup Bag
Remember that eyeshadow palette you bought for two shades, but it came with another 18 you never used. Refillable makeup lets you mix and match your favourite colours, creating a personalised palette of colours you love, reducing waste and saving money. No more wasted eyeshadows (or guilty feelings)! 

3. Multi-tasking Magic
Refillable makeup brands often offer multipurpose products. For example, a mascara can be used to fill eyebrows or as an eyeliner, and a lip gloss can double as a highlighter and a cream liquid. Refillable makeup brands often offer multipurpose ingredients, minimising your makeup bag while maximising your beauty routine.

4. Natural Beauty, Inside and Out
Many refillable makeup brands prioritise the planet, but also care about using ethically sourced natural ingredients, avoiding potential allergens and promoting healthier skin. However, it's important to be wary of greenwashing so do your research or ask us!

5. Feel-Good Factor
Let's face it, knowing you're making a positive impact feels amazing! Refillable makeup isn't just prettier in your cupboard or easy to travel with, but when you purchase a refill and don’t have to toss plastic, you feel good about a swap that impacts our planet and everyone living on it. High five!

How to use refillable makeup?

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