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June 20, 2023 4 min read 1 Comment

Meet TOMBag, the Reusable Bin Bag Revolutionising Waste Management

Gone are the days of flimsy, single-use bags that harm the environment. Now, we know what you’re thinking, reusable bin bags? Isn’t that a bit gross? What’s next reusable toilet paper? 

But fear not, GFZ. We’re here to talk you through all your frequently asked questions and queries to show you just how easy and clean this big bag is, meet our new friend TOMbag… 

But first, the story behind TOMbag…

What began as a mere pre-order system soon transformed into a groundbreaking movement, capturing the attention of thousands before even a physical product existed. With over 10,000 pre-orders received, it became evident that their idea was viable and desperately needed in the market. Surpassing all expectations, the overwhelming response demonstrated a clear demand for TOMbag's unique approach to sustainability and functionality.

Driven by a desire positively impact the environment, this enterprising couple embarked on their journey towards sustainability and zero waste living, as they welcomed their own child into the world. They began by using a reusable wet bag or nappy bag as an option as a bin bag but it fell short of their expectations. On a mission to find a solution, knowing, biodegradability, and compostability were not the ultimate options they were seeking, the couple embarked on a quest to create a truly sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

TOMbag was born out of necessity, serving as a solution for their own sustainability needs. Little did they know that their brainchild would soon resonate with a much larger audience. This remarkable couple raised not just one but two babies—nurturing their own child and nurturing an idea that has the power to transform the way we think about everyday products.

Your FAQ’s answered…

1. How do you clean them?

Cleaning your TOMBag is a breeze! Here are a few easy tips to keep it fresh and ready for action:

  1. A quick wipe! If the inner lining isn't too dirty, grab a soapy damp cloth and give it a quick wipe-down. It's a speedy solution!
  2. The Soapy Shake! Add some soapy water to your reusable garbage bag, give it a good shake, and pour out the water. Repeat until it's squeaky clean. It's like a mini-foam party!
  3. Machine Wash: TOMbag will love a spin in the washing machine every once in a while! Set it to a quick rinse (15 mins), and once it's done, either let it air dry outside or simply wipe it down for immediate reuse. It's like a refreshing shower for your TOMbag!
  4. The good old garden hose! Flip it inside out and hose that baby down, then peg on the washing line and let the sun do the rest. 

Important note: Keep our water cold or below 30 degrees when washing your TOMbag to prevent any potential damage and extend its life. The same goes for if you’re popping it in the dryer; keep it cool!

2. What about loose garbage when it’s transferred into our larger bins?

We are so lucky that TOMbag has done the hard work for us by contacting all city and local government councils in Australia and received confirmation from most that placing unbagged garbage in your general waste bin is not against any law. What legends! 

Loose garbage is generally allowed in Australia's general waste bins, with councils primarily concerned about lightweight waste blowing into the streets during collection. Many councils even encourage avoiding single-use garbage bags to reduce plastic pollution. So we recommend just popping any small pieces inside others of the same material to prevent any stragglers!

However, it's recommended to wrap wet or dusty garbage in newspapers to prevent litter and maintain cleanliness. Remember, mixed recycling bins should only contain loose garbage—no single-use bags. If unsure, contact us for assistance in verifying local regulations. Non-Australian residents should check with their local authorities for any restrictions.

3. Why a reusable bin bag? Isn’t that kind of gross? 

TOMBag takes pride in being an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bin bags, & we are here for it, but in case you need some extra info and convincing that this product is easy and hygienic, here are our top 3 reasons to switch to a reusable bin bag…

  1. Sustainable materials: TOMBag is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic, and sustainable materials such as recycled fabrics, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint, and they are constantly working with their design process to make sure TOMbag is created as eco-conscious as possible. 
  2. Longevity: With its sturdy construction and reinforced stitching, TOMBag offers long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Reducing plastic pollution: By opting for TOMBag, you actively contribute to reducing the demand for single-use plastic bags, helping to combat plastic pollution and protect our planet. With TOMbag’s reusability, unlike single-use plastic bags that end up in landfills, TOMBag is reusable, which significantly reduces waste generation.

4. What can you put in them? Do they leak?

Count your leaky bin bag days goodbye! Rest assured, TOMBag is engineered to be leak-proof! Its innovative design features a durable inner lining that prevents leaks from escaping and causing any mess.

TOMBag's versatility knows no bounds! While personally, we would avoid adding any liquids or food waste to your TOMbag (we’ll save that for our compost!) You can use it for a wide range of waste types! In fact, we find using the TOMbag makes you really consider what you’re throwing away! The TOMbag doesn’t just have to be for the kitchen bin; use it as a wet bag or travel bag and it makes for a perfect beach clean-up bag too! 

So GFZ’s, would you try a reusable bin bag? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know any other questions about the TOMbag and we’d love to get back to you. 

Until next week, 

GFZ Team xox 

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Jo Sterkenburg
Jo Sterkenburg

June 23, 2023

What a brilliant idea!!!

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