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March 26, 2024 4 min read

Hey Go For Zero legends!

Today, I want to tackle a question that many of us have grappled with at some point: should I use a fluoride-free toothpaste? As a community committed to natural and sustainable living, it's understandable to have reservations about fluoride (I'm the first one to admit I am one of them). As I've delved deeper into the science behind this mineral, I've learned a lot and wanted to share my research, experience and thoughts. 

What is Fluoride and Why is it Important?

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in water, soil, and air. It's added to many public water supplies and toothpaste formulas due to its proven benefits for dental health. So how does it work? Fluoride works by strengthening tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars.

When it comes to benefits, fluoride has been scientifically proven to help:

  • Prevent cavities
  • Strengthen weakened tooth enamel
  • Reverse early tooth decay
  • Limit the growth of oral bacteria
  • Slow the loss of minerals from tooth enamel

Dentist advice to incorporate fluoride into your daily oral care routine, you're taking an essential step towards maintaining strong, healthy teeth and preventing costly dental problems down the line. The fluoride in the water we drink is not sufficient.

Addressing Concerns About Fluoride Safety

While there has been some debate over the safety of fluoride, respected health organisations like the World Health Organization, the Australian Dental Association (ADA), and the National Health and Medical Research Council all strongly recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste for both children and adults to prevent tooth decay and support optimum oral health. The key is to use it correctly and  in the right amounts.

According to the ADA, fluoride toothpaste is safe for:

  • Babies and toddlers (rice grain-sized amount)
  • Younger children aged 3-6 (pea-sized amount)
  • Older children and adults (standard amount)
It's essential to supervise children while brushing and keep toothpaste out of reach to prevent excessive ingestion, which may lead to dental fluorosis or upset stomach. By following these guidelines and using fluoride toothpaste as directed, you're making a safe and effective choice.

But what about fluoride-free toothpaste?

Many of us feel that we're making a more natural choice by opting for fluoride-free toothpasteFluoride-free toothpaste often include alternative ingredients like anti-bacterial essential oil or xylitol to preventing tooth decay. Reseach highlights Xylitol can help reduce oral bacteria levels when used in combination with fluoride, but it doesn't strengthen teeth like fluoride does.

During my recent dental visit, my dentist told me that he was happy with the condition of my teeth. This prompted me to ask about using fluoride toothpaste, as I have been using fluoride-free toothpaste for over 10 years. He explained that while fluoride is crucial for children's dental health, whether or not adults need it depends on their saliva. I am fortunate enough to be less prone to cavities, but not everyone is so lucky. Since learning more about fluoride and the importance on our dental health, I use a fluoride free option in the morning and fluoride option in the evening. 

For those interested in a sugar-free, SLS-free, dentist-approved fluoride toothpaste, we have (finally)  found the best plastic-free brand for you!

Introducing Solid Oral Care: Sustainable Fluoride Toothpaste for Optimal Dental Health

We're so excited to partner with Solid Oral Care to bring you a range of sustainable, fluoride toothpaste options for the whole family. Founded by Laura, an experienced dental hygienist and oral health therapist, Solid Oral Care is passionate about creating scientifically-backed oral care products that prioritise both dental health and environmental sustainability.

From her time working as a dental hygienist and oral health therapist, Laura developed a fierce passion to continue delivering oral health care that didn’t cost the environment. In her words “Before I started making toothpaste, I really enjoyed making a difference to people’s oral health outcomes. Then, the waste started to get to me.” So she decided to do something about it!

But why a toothpaste formulation that includes fluoride?

When Solid Oral Care's founder, Laura, first started developing her toothpaste formulas, she planned to create both fluoridated and non-fluoridated options. But as a dental hygienist and therapist with years of experience, she knew that the benefits of fluoride toothpaste far outweighed any potential risks.

In her words “I had never recommended non-fluoridated toothpaste to anyone. Not even people like my Mum who hasn’t had a filling in 40 years. Why? Because the benefits of using a fluoride toothpaste far outweigh any risk. There are masses of peer reviewed studies that prove fluoride toothpaste lowers the risk of dental decay.”

The Solid Oral Care Range
Solid Oral Care offers a range of fluoride toothpaste options that cater to the needs of your entire family, including:

  1. Adult toothpaste in strong mint and mild mint flavours
  2. Kids' toothpaste in strawberry and orange flavours (and a trial pack here too)
  3. Toothpaste tablets

All of their formulas contain the recommended levels of fluoride for effective cavity prevention, along with other beneficial ingredients like xylitol, calcium carbonate, and coconut oil.Plus, they come in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging, so you can feel good about your choice for both your health and the planet! 🎉🎉

Making an informed choice

Ultimately, the decision to use fluoride toothpaste is a personal one. As a community dedicated to making positive changes for ourselves and the environment, we believe it's important to offer choices based on scientific evidence and expert guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns about our toothpaste options, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm here to support you ❤️

With love,

Ellie  x

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