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October 17, 2023 3 min read

Did you know our founder Ellie started Go For Zero because her daughter reacted to mainstream baby products? This is how Ellie’s passion (more like an obsession) for toxin-free products started.

When it comes to skincare, making conscious choices about the products you use is essential. The products we apply to our skin can have a profound impact on our health. Research has found that the average woman uses between 9 and 15 personal care products per day resulting in the application of approximately 152 chemicals (ouch!).

At Go For Zero, we are incredibly passionate and committed to providing you with the best eco-friendly and safe skincare products from Australian and New Zealand brands. The ingredients within every product that we stock are thoroughly researched and scored based on the EWG ranking. Yes, it is a lot of work, but we love it.

7 ingredients you’ll never find in our store

Let’s dive into some of the skincare ingredients that we avoid and why you should too

1. Parabens 

Parabens are commonly used as artificial preservatives in skin care products and have been banned in Europe since 2016. Parabens can disrupt our endocrine system, are linked to allergies and are even breast cancer.  All of our products are paraben-free, of course.

2. Sulphates

Sulphates, such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) are foaming agents often found in cleansers. While they create a satisfying lather, sulphates can strip your skin of its natural oils and trigger irritation or allergies. We opt for sulphate-free formulas to gently cleanse without causing harm.

3. Fragrances

The words 'fragrance' or 'perfume' are commonly used as an umbrella term for a mix of synthetic chemicals (sometimes hundreds) that are within a single product…yuck! Fragrance-enhanced products may smell delightful but it’s important to remember that synthetic fragrances can cause skin irritations, migraines and disrupt our hormones. By opting for products that are fragrance-free or scented using natural ingredients, you’ll be avoiding unnecessary reactions and supporting your well-being.

4. Phthalates

Phthalates are chemical compounds that enhance the fragrance and texture of personal care products (yes, we’re talking about fragrance again). These chemicals pose a range of potential health risks and have even been linked to increased risk of breast cancer (a definite no-go!). 

5. Mineral Oils

Derived from highly processed petroleum, mineral oils create a barrier on the skin's surface that can clog pores and prevent your skin's natural ability to breathePlant-based oils such as jojoba, argan or coconut are much better alternatives as they contain vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin.

6. Microbeads

These tiny plastic beads can be found in products such as face scrubs, toothpaste and even blush. Microbeads are less than 5mm in diameter and don't break down, resulting in major plastic pollution. All our scrubs are made from pumice, rice powder or repurposed coffee. True story!

8. Oxybenzone

Found in mainstream sunscreens, oxybenzone is commonly used for its ability to absorb ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. This chemical is also identified as an endocrine disruptor that poses a range of health concerns and is harmful to coral reefs. We only support local natural sun care products so it is safe for you and our planet!

At Go For Zero we are on a mission to transform your skincare routine into a conscious, toxin-free and eco-friendly experience. We've diligently curated a range of products that exclude harmful ingredients so that with every use you can be assured that you and your skin are in safe hands. Here's to embracing glowing, toxin-free, and eco-friendly skincare!

Lots of love, 

The Go For Zero team ✨

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