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September 03, 2020 4 min read


At go for zero we stand for products that are better for people and the planet. Most single use tampons and pads are made from a combination of plastics and chemicals that are not recyclable or compostable and pose irritation and health risks.

The average person uses rough 12,000 tampons and pads over a lifetime! Yikes!

Don't stress! We're here to help. There are so many ways you can avoid contributing to this statistic, from reusable cups, pads, and underwear, we've got you covered!

Want to save waste, money and avoid chemicals on your monthlies?

Not everyone enjoys that time of the month! What if we could help you save money and make your period less wasteful, whilst avoiding the nasty materials involved in many single-use menstrual options? 

Because single-use pads and tampons combine a mixture plastics, chemicals and natural materials, they are not recyclable or compostable, meaning there is nothing to become of these hygiene products except for landfill after use. Making them harmful to your health and the planet.

What are the zero waste period alternatives?

Just because single-use pads and tampons became the ‘norm’ for periods over the years, doesn’t mean zero to low waste alternatives that are chemical free haven’t been invented.

1. The Reusable Menstrual Cup (staff favourite)

Tom Organic Reusable Menstrual Cup


Menstrual cups have been a zero-waste alternative for many decades, and have recently had a resurgence in popularity. They may seem intimidating at first, but they are super easy and convenient to use. My favourite thing about them is that you only have to remove your cup twice a day, which can be easily done in the shower.

Not only can a menstrual cup be worn overnight, but it can be worn double the number of hours of a pad or tampon.

The longevity of your menstrual cup will depend on how well it is cleaned and stored, but if your cup lasts 4 years, that is a saving of 960 pads or tampons!

The design of the cup means that not only is it convenient for travel, but also leading an active lifestyle is not problem due to its lack of strings, wings and leaks! No more stressing that a string is wrapping around your leg at the beach (Oh, I’ve been there)!


2. Absorbent Period Underwear



Like the menstrual cup, this plastic-free period alternative is built for a leak-proof, active lifestyle. The material that is designed to look like regular underwear, with added layers for absorbance. Available in different absorbency levels and styles depending on the strength of your flow.

The underwear can be worn for up to 8 hours and lasts an average of 2-3 years.

That is a saving of 720 pads or tampons!!!

Reusable Period Underwear is not only more sustainable than your average period product, but ultimately more cost friendly than spending money each month on pads and tampons.

You can find both the Juju Cup and Juju Absorbent Period Underwear here!


3. Reusable Pads



Reusable pads are machine washable and made from layered organic cotton with TPU coating to prevent leaking. The non-bleached material makes it toxin-free and suitable for sensitive skin. They are even more absorbent than regular disposable pads.

The differing sizes of pads are made for a varying flow, with either more layers of cotton or less, and have silicone grips on the panty liner, small, and medium sizes for a better grip. There are even different designs to choose from!

The reusable pads are to be changed like you would regularly do with single use pads, and washed in-between uses, but will last 2-3 years or longer, depending on its care and your own use of it.

The reusable pad alternative saves 720 pads over three yearsof use.

View our range of HannahPads available here!


4. Organic Pads and Tampons



Although many modern period products combine non-recyclable material, there are brands that offer a cleaner and friendlier option for your health and the planet, like Tom Organic. If you aren’t reading to make the switch to our zero waste alternatives, we always recommend these guys as a starting point.

With no excessive plastics in their construction, organic pads work in conjunction with REDcycle to recycle any of the non-biodegradable material in their packaging. Just drop off your wrapping to the closest REDcycle bin at your local supermarket, for an easy, sustainable solution.

Organic tampons mean that none of the chemicals used to process the cotton in the construction of the product are found in the tampons. There are no chemicals, synthetics or plastic, which is always a good thing to know when it comes to items that are touching our bodies!

You can find the range of Tom Organic Period Products here! 

Zero waste menstrual products may seem confronting at first, but the difference you can make in reducing your waste and saving money is sooooo worth it! Start with what you feel comfortable with first and go from there.

If you have any questions about our sustainable period options please don’t hesitate to contact us askusanything@goforzero.com.au💖




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