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May 18, 2020 4 min read

Why should you make the switch to a natural deodorant?

I often get asked where to start when going toxin-free… Deodorant is a big one! Here's why:


Yeah you read it right...Sweating is good for you! It’s a healthy and necessary function to detoxify and keep your body balanced. An antiperspirant stops this natural function from happening. Eeeek!

Why do you stink when you sweat then?

This may come as a shock but… sweat is actually odourless! It’s just water produced by the body, so it doesn't actually have an odour. Body Odour (B.O) occurs when the bacteria that lives on our skin breaks sweat down into acids. Soooo what I'm trying to say is, that to avoid B.O it's important to eliminate or reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin.

How to avoid body odour...

  1. Wash your pits frequently in hotter weather, less bacteria means less breakdown and less body odour. Might pay off to keep a soap and body washer in your bag😅

  2.  ​Antibacterial deodorants make it harder for bacteria to thrive, so look for a natural deo that is infused with anti-bacterial ingredients. Steer clear of pore blocking anti-persperants🙅  

Let’s take a look at how you can naturally detoxify those pits and let them sweat the way they’re intended to!

Where to start...

If you’re noticing you stink more than normal or your pits are starting to react to your everyday deodorant with itchiness or red lumps, you may have a build up of toxins! Which means you are definitely due for a pit detox.

When you want to withdraw toxins from your armpit and make the switch from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, the pit detox is your best friend and ultimate pit purifying solution!

Rustic Peppermint – Pit Detox Mint & Tea Tree 


This 100% natural detoxifying & cleansing powder is one of my all-time favourites!

The purpose of an armpit detox is to withdraw the toxins that build up in your underarm due to antiperspirant use, pollution, food, medication and hormones.

Once these toxins are withdrawn, the transition to a natural deodorant is smoother!

Watch how I use it here.

How to use:

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with a little bit of water until a smooth paste forms.
  2. Apply directly onto underarms and allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse off.

It’s as simple as that!

Which natural deodorant is right for your skin type?

Check out our range of zero waste and toxin-free deodorants for every skin type below: 

For sensitive pits...

If your skin is overly sensitive, we suggest steering clear of deodorants containing bi-carb as it can sometimes cause your pits to react.

Instead, these babies use Magnesiumto neutralise BO:

Woohoo! Vegan Deodorant – Mellow


Rustic Peppermint – Fresh Pits Deodorant

Rustic Peppermint Australia Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Armpits

Difference between Mellow and Fresh Pits?

    • Mellow is free from essential oils, whilst Fresh Pits contains refreshing minty essential oils.
    • Mellow is also available in a biodegradable cardboard tube

For heavy sweaters & exercise lovers…

If you’re a heavy sweaty (I feel ya!) or live an active lifestyle these high bi-carb deodorants are perfect for you! They are tough on BO, but not on your skin!

Woohoo! Vegan Deodorant - Wild

 Vegan and Zero Waste Natural Deodorant

Rustic Peppermint – Play Hard Deodorant Paste


Difference between Wild & Play Hard:

    • Wild has a zesty scent, whilst Play Hard has a refreshing minty scent
    • Wild is also available in a biodegradable cardboard tube


For those who aren't sure…

If you’re unsure what’s right for you, these natural, zero-waste, low bi-carb deodorants are a great place to start!

Woohoo! Vegan Deodorant – Surf

Woohoo! Vegan Deodorant - Urban

 Woohoo Vegan and Zero Waste Deodorants

The Difference between Surf and Urban:

    • Surf has a tropical/beachy scent, whilst Urban has a floral scent
    • They are both available in a biodegradable cardboard tube


Not into the pastes? Here’s a natural liquid roll on!

Whilst all of the above can be used for men, my hubby loves this one the most because it doesn't pull on his armpit hairs!

The Bearded Chap - Lemon Myrtle Deodorant


The Bearded Chap Deodorant combines Zinc Phenolsulfonateto regulate oil gland activity, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory & antiviral properties, and Vanilla Extractto battle odour causing bacteria. Plus, it has a refreshing lemon myrtle scent.

It even won an award at the 2017 Swedish Grooming Awards for best deodorant… Can’t argue with that!


I've tried to switch to natural deo but it's not working! 

Don’t give up now! Like many other journey’s in life, the switch to toxin-free deodorant can take time. You may be experiencing the ‘transition’ (detox) phase.

The 'transition' phase

Not everyone experiences the detox phase when making the switch to natural deodorant, however for those that do, here are some things you may notice in the first few weeks:

    • Sweat:Once your sweat glands are free from the aluminium (the pore blocker) found in antiperspirants, they may release previously trapped fluids, so naturally you are going to see an increase in sweat but don’t worry, it won’t last! 
    • Odour:You may notice an increase in odour. More sweat means that there is more liquid for odour causing bacteria living on your skin to break down into acids (the stinky stuff). Hang in there though, it’s worth the wait!
    • Sensitivity:An increase in bacteria paired with the release of built up nasties in your body via the lymphatic system can lead to an increase in tenderness or sensitivity… don’t let this fool you, it’s exactly what your body needs. 

What we’re trying to say is don’t give up on your switch to natural deo if it doesn’t work for the first time! Just like the transition to toxin-free shampoo, your body needs to release the build-up of toxins before you can truly judge the products performance.

Once you’ve overcome this phase, the switch is well worth it!

Check out our blog ‘where to start when going toxin-free’ to see where you should go next on your toxin-free journey!

Thanks for being apart of our mission and choosing products that are better for you and the planet!

With love,

Ellie & the GFZ team xx

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