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April 08, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

Did you know one third of food is wasted or lost globally?! In fact, it accounts for roughly 3% of Australia's Greenhouse gas emissions. This Aussie craft beer brand is combating food waste by incorporating unsold supermarket food into their recipe!

How this Aussie brand is repurposing food waste...

The Local Brewing Co are on a mission to reduce food waste at a retail level by using unsold supermarket bread and excess white peaches within their production line. These ingredients are incorporated into their White Peach Surplus Sour craft beer, which is their second release under the Surplus Sour brand. Their first release was a Watermelon Sour that used unsold melons and bread from Coles suppliers.

Local Brewing Co Watermelon Sour

The Local Brewing Co impact

Not only does this initiative reduce food waste, it also creates a new revenue stream for imperfect or unsold items that would still produce greenhouse gases whether composted or sent to landfill!

Did we mention the legends from Local Brewing Co continue to support food waste reduction by donating a portion of its revenue to a Coles partnered food rescue organisation 'SecondBite'. For every pack and pint of beer purchased, they provide a meal to someone in need that uses rescued ingredients. They have donated 40,000 meals since the beginning.

How can you reduce your food waste?

There are so many ways you can reduce food waste on an individual level. From freshness extending produce bags, to meal planning, and finding a composting system that suits your lifestyle, find out all of our tips for reducing food waste via our sustainable living blog here.

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Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell

December 01, 2022

Thanks for sharing legends 😊

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