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December 15, 2023 2 min read

Vaping in Australia is facing a crackdown! 

While vaping has been praised for its potential to help people quit smoking, its use Australia-wide is out of control. Did you know that about one in five people aged 18 to 24 vape? The health implications are enormous, and when it comes to the environment, those little vape pods were adding up faster than you could say "reduce, reuse, recycle." 

The ban on single-use vaping devices might just be the push needed to steer the vaping industry towards a greener (and healthier) future. We’re talking stricter permits, import bans, refillable vape pens & more...

Australia's Vape Ban Happy Earth News

The timeline

By January, the single-use, puff-and-toss vape devices will be prohibited and by March, the (greener) refillable vapes will also be out of bounds to the public while vape importers will need a special permit.

To make sure these new rules work, the government is investing A$75 million to help the Border Force and the Goods Administration. That's a big commitment aimed at stopping vaping!

And it's not just the pile-up of waste; these gadgets aren't any longer the helpful remedies to quit smoking as they were originally intended to be, they've become sneaky tools designed to get young people hooked on nicotine. 

Despite Aussies boasting some of the lowest smoking rates among the OECD crew, vaping has been gaining momentum. It seems that around one in five young Aussies have been taking a puff, according to official stats, yikes!

What if you want to quit smoking?

These reforms aren't just a spur-of-the-moment thing either. They're backed by research waving red flags about potential long-term harm. But fear not, smokers looking to kick the habit won't be left high and dry. Doctors and nurses are getting an upgrade in January to prescribe therapeutic vapes for those in need, but it will be under strict guidelines – no fancy flavours, limited nicotine levels, and packaging that's less glam and more pharm.

Change is in the wind, and it's about time because these pink bubble gum and unicorn-printed gadgets are being found in school pencil cases...

So, as Australia gears up to slam the door shut on disposable vapes and tighten the leash on their refillable buddies, it's clear that the era of vape freedom and waste is vanishing!

And who knows? Other countries may follow suit, making vaping not just a healthier choice but an eco-friendly one too.

Until next week! For now, we think you’ll love our feel-good Earth news story about Contact Lens Recycling, and how the future is looking clear. Happy Reading! 

Much love, 

GFZ Team xx

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