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March 15, 2024 2 min read

Welcome back GFZ's!

Todays happy Earth news takes place in Western Australia, where the proposed time line towards plastic-free living has taken it's next leap! 

As of 1 March 2024, disposable plastic cups for hot drinks and non-compostable plastic-lined paper/fibre cups are banned. *happy dance*

Did you know most paper cups carry a plastic lining? This is how they remain water-proof for all of our on-the-go liquids. Yep, shady right?! 

On average, Aussies unleash a staggering 130kg of single-use plastic per person annually. That's a harsh reality we're collectively confronting. Of that, 1.84 billion single-use cups clutter our landfills and oceans annually – a huge reminder of the plastic footprint we're working to erase. 

What we often forget is that plastic also leaches into our drinks, having an impact not just on our planet but on our health too. See here what is banned on March 1st.

How to surf the Plastic-Free Wave in Australia

  1. Go Reusable: As we know, bringing your own cups beats everything! Ceramic, stainless steel, bamboo – explore sustainable alternatives for your daily brew.

  2. Compliant Cups for an Aussie Plastic-Free Future: When disposable is inevitable, opt for home-compostable options and don't be afraid to speak up!

And if you're looking for your new reusable companion, we proudly offer a huge range of reusable options, even cups crafted from recycled coffee husks.

🌐 Stay Informed: Check Your State's Plastic Bans!

Whilst we ride this plastic-free win of a wave, it's essential to keep tabs on the broader movement. States across Australia have been implementing multiple stages of plastic bans, each step bringing us closer to a cleaner, greener future. You can stay in the loop by checking in on your own state's plastic bans and following along with the timelines. 

We hope you have enjoyed todays story GFZ's, until next week we think you'll love this story on A Solution to Medical Waste: Introducing Plastic-Free Blister Packs it's another favourite of ours! 

Much love, 

GFZ Team xx 

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