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April 05, 2022 4 min read

Calling all Choc Lovers! The Benefits of Cacao for Your Skin

If you’ve been waiting for the green light to enjoy that rich and decadent chocolate guilt-free, this may just be the news you’ve been waiting for. Whoop Whoop!

When it comes to cacao there’s no denying that the body benefits of this superfood are mind-blowing (and gut-blowing too) - but did you know that cacao can actually do wonders for your skin too?

From defying the early signs of ageing to keeping your skin clear, bright, and glowing, adding a healthy dose of cacao to your diet could be the beauty hack to end all beauty hacks. Wondering how this could possibly be? Keep reading to discover the magical skin benefits of cacao for yourself!


Is Cacao Powder Good For Your Skin?

Before we get carried away, let’s just clear up the elephant in the room. 

While we all enjoy a dirty, processed bar of choc here and there (everything in moderation), the chocolatey benefits we’re touching on in this article are credited to those high-quality, superfood cacao powders from our fave zero-waste brands such asNutra Organics andSmoothie Bomb

In these cacao powders, the concentration of cacao is high enough to benefit your body both inside and out. 

The same goes for high-quality derivatives of cacao such as cocoa butter. Of course, these products are applied topically instead of ingested. Luckily, both topical application and ingestion are perfectly suitable ways to reap the rewards for your skin!

So in short, the answer is a resounding, YES! Cacao is great for your skin, and here’s how:

1. Antioxidant Protection

You guessed it - Cacao is chocked full of antioxidants! This is thanks to a high concentration of Vitamin C naturally found in the cacao bean.

Why is this good for the skin, you ask? Antioxidants work wonders to protect the skin from free radicals.Free radicals in the body are essentially incomplete cells that wreak havoc by hunting down the parts they need to make them whole. 

As they do this, they leave behind unwanted skin problems like wrinkles, age spots or dark spots, and saggy, lifeless-looking skin.

By reducing the presence of these free radicals, you’ll be working alongside your skin to prevent the early signs of ageing for beautiful, young skin. This is why antioxidants are known as an anti-aging powerhouse!

2. Boosts Circulation

In addition to that healthy, antioxidant induced glow, cacao has also been shown to encourage plump, dewy, and glowing skin by improving circulation in the body. 

Cacao isrich in magnesium - which we already know is amazing for sleep and other essential body benefits. When it comes to circulation, the fresh source of blood to the surface of the skin does wonders for healthy cell turnover. 

The more cell turnover we see, the fresher and more glowing our skin looks. This is often accompanied by a naturally flushed look and dewy, radiant overall complexion. 

3. Healthy Hydration

Speaking of dewy - Omega 6 fatty acids work alongside magnesium and vitamin C to deliver optimal hydration to the skin’s surface. 

This is why cocoa butter does such a great job of hydrating the skin and banishing those dry, flakey patches. 

One of our favourite perks here is that hydrated skin leads to great elasticity! This means your skin is able to bounce back as it did in the early years of life. The improved elasticity makes for a better skin structure that is more resistant to wrinkles and sagging. 

4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

Got acne-prone skin? Fear not! Cacao can help you too!

Magnesium and antioxidants also play a massive role in reducing inflammation in the body. When it comes to your skin, this inflammation comes down to irritated acne. 

Maintaining a daily dose of cacao can help bring down that red, puffy appearance of pimples and skin irritation for a smoother, clearer looking complexion. 

While many acne-prone users avoid skincare with cocoa butter in fear that it will clog pores and lead to oily skin, the opposite is actually true. Check out our article ondry vs dehydrated skin to understand just how this works!

5. Banish UV Damage

On top of the soothing anti-inflammatory benefits of cacao, your sensitive skin will also be nurtured with the loving presence ofvitamin E

Known to help reduce UV damage to the skin, you could almost say that cacao is essential for the sunny climate here on our beloved Aussie land. 

6. Collagen Boosting 

Collagen is a hot word in the skincare world, and for good reason. 

Collagen is responsible for the structure and integrity of many tissues in your body, including the skin. Unfortunately, our ability to produce collagen decreases as we experience life and needs a bit of help to keep up. 

Cacao contains vital ingredients that can help with the collagen production process to increase the strength, texture, and appearance of your skin for the long haul. As a bonus, this also results in stronger hair, nails, and gut health too! 


The Benefits of Cacao for Skin

Now that you know just how cacao benefits your skin, you can embrace this wonder ingredient with confidence. 

From sipping away at that naturally chocolateycacao latte to soaking up the hydration of cacao derived skin care, your skin will thank you for this natural nourishment!

Ready to experience the benefits of cacao for yourself? We’ve done the hard work to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used in each of the cacao powders and topical creams that we support so you can reap the rewards of this magical ingredient with none of the toxins or waste! 

Get started today with yournew skincare secret

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