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November 01, 2021 5 min read 1 Comment

Why You Should Start Your Christmas Shopping Early This Year

As the warm spring weather coaxes us out of our homes and into the Australian sun, there’s clearly one thing on every Aussie’s mind - Christmas shopping!

Wait - what?! Christmas shopping this early? You must be joking?

Believe it or not, we’re dead serious. 

With Covid still rearing its ugly head in many Australian states, experts are suggesting you start checking that Christmas list, and fast! 

Wondering how your Christmas shopping may be a bit different in 2021? Let’s jump into the good, the bad, and the ugly of holiday shopping in this strange and unknowing time. 

Why Experts are Suggesting You Shop Early This Christmas


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Although we are all doing our best to remain optimistic going into the holiday season, the truth is that Covid is still here and it appears to be getting pretty comfortable. 

As we’ve all witnessed through the recent outbreaks and long lockdowns over the past 18 months, the landscape of shopping is simply not the same. Beyond taking to the internet for the majority of our shopping needs, postage and retail services alike have really struggled to keep up in these strange times. 

This is only one of the reasons experts are suggesting we start our Christmas shopping checklists early this year.  

Warehouse Closures and Shutdowns

As it stands, we are still seeing multiple warehouses and stores shutting down on little to no notice. 

This is mostly due to outbreaks and hotspots forcing businesses to close their doors until contact tracing and testing can catch up. Beyond this, many businesses simply haven’t been able tosurvive the long shutdowns

Going into the holidays, it’s difficult to have certainty over the state of retail and whether businesses will be able to remain open or only offer online ordering. And of course, even if you do take to online shopping this holiday season, you still run the risk of having your order delayed due to snap closures and shutdowns. 

Shipping and Fulfilment Delays

Shipping both within Australia and from overseashas suffered greatly lately and the expected increase at Christmas is only expected to prolong the delays. 

If you’re ordering from overseas or buying from businesses that bring in product from off-shore, the chances of receiving those products on time is uncertain. To avoid having your Christmas presents arriving in the new year, we suggest hopping on the shopping train as quickly as possible. 

Poor Selection and Supply

Again, due to lack of supplies making it in from overseas, the selection and stock on sites and in stores may be much lower this year than normal. 

Due to this, many shoppers may be forced into ‘panic buying’ situations to stuff stockings with items that may not be overly realistic. Whether you’re buying ‘back up’ gifts in fear that your orders won’t arrive on time or purchasing anything you can get your hands on to ensure Christmas still feels plentiful, this wasteful buying will have a devastating impact on both your wallet and our planet. 

The Truth About Black Friday

But if I shop now, I’ll miss out on Black Friday Deals! 

If you’re relying on Black Friday sales to tick off your shopping list, here are some things you need to know. 

Black Friday is an American holiday that lines up with Thanksgiving and has been used for years to move products like mad. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear about major riots and life-threatening injuries from the shopping crowds overseas. 

Here in Australia, the madness may not be quite as scary, however, the impact on our environment is pretty devastating.

Sales in Australia on Black Friday are expected to exceed last year’s record of nearly$28 billion.While this sounds like a positive for our Australian economy, many small businesses are concerned about how to keep up with the spike and if the small sales margin will cover their needs. 

Beyond this, the crazy sales often lead us to make silly buying decisions that do more harm than good for our planet. What was once an item that you never thought you needed (and likely don’t) is suddenly a great deal. Before long those ‘great buys’ are filling landfills with plastic, electronics, and of course, toxins. 

How to Shop With Your Values at Christmas

We get it, we love a good deal as much as the next shopper. While we would never suggest boycotting good deals altogether, we encourage you to take a closer look at how your spending habits this holiday season are supporting your values. 

When it comes to shopping, you have the chance to vote with your money and support the businesses that are doing their part to support worthy causes and reduce their environmental footprint. 

If you’re on board to shop with your values this Christmas, here are some tips to get you started!

Pre-purchase Checklist

Before you buy an item, take yourself through this quick checklist to evaluate if it’s an intentional buy or a pointless purchase. 

Simply ask yourself:

  • Would I buy this item if it wasn’t on sale?
  • Am I going to use it? (be honest with yourself about how many times you’ll use it as well)
  • When I’m finished with it, where will it end up?

If your answers aren’t confident and proud here, it might be a good idea to hold off on this deal. Even if you spend a little more on the items you truly want, the lack of waste will more than make up for the money spent. 

Support Local Business

Shopping local does a number of amazing things for ourAussie community

First, it helps to support our economy and the small business owners in our country who are doing their part to contribute to a healthy and happy Australia. 

Second, by avoiding ordering in from overseas, we can reduce the number of carbon emissions from freight. Although there are still emissions from local shipping, these are much easier to offset and reduce!

Look for Low-Impact Packaging


Christmas can lead to a lot of waste. From the packaging your gifts and goodies are stored in, to the wrapping paper and bags, our landfills face a lot of extra bulk around the holiday season. 

Before you fill your cart, take stock of what kind of waste you’re gifting will be contributing to the planet. Where possible, aim for easily recyclable packaging or go fully zero-waste by buying products in reusable glass, aluminium, or even compostable packages!

Here atGo For Zero, all of our products are 100% toxin-free, sustainably packaged, and from Australian owned companies to make your sustainable shopping experience as simple and easy as possible! We even donate to Australian charities with every purchase, so you can feel amazing about the impact of your gifts this Christmas! 

Make Sustainable and Realistic Choices

Finally, shop with your reality glasses on. Although it may be tempting to shop the deals and buy extravagant gifts for your friends and family, keep those three questions in mind when it comes to your loved ones too. 

If you don’t think they’ll actually use it or it could wind up in a landfill, go for something more practical. 

At the end of the day, giving a gift that will be used and loved is far more sustainable than pointless stocking stuffers and plastic pollutants. 

Early Christmas Shopping in 2021

And there you have it! Whether you’re an ultra-organized Christmas shopper or a last-minute gifter, we hope this article inspired you to get a head start on your eco-friendly Christmas shopping this year. 

Want to shop your values and introduce your loved ones to the sustainable goodies you love this year?Shop our bestsellers here and rest assured you’re making a positive impact this holiday season!

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Joyce Spry

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