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September 16, 2022 3 min read

Pit Detox 101: The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Sweat

You’re moments away from rocking the interview you’ve been preparing for all week. You’ve got your best ‘fit on, and you’re ready to step inside. But first - just one last pit check…

Ooph! That smell couldn’t possibly be coming from you, could it? No no no! Panic! Code red! You know you put on deodorant just minutes before getting in your car, how could it possibly be failing you now!?

If this smelly situation sounds familiar (or perhaps made you sweat a bit in your seat) you are not alone!

If you’re tired of applying your deodorant endlessly, doing ‘pit checks’ on the hour, feeling insecure about your underarm smell, or you’re ready to make the swap to a natural deodorant, we’ve got the solution for you - a pit detox.

What is a pit detox you ask? Let’s dive in.

Why Do We Sweat Anyways?

First things first, let’s addresswhat sweat really is (and why it’s not as bad as you may think). 

Our armpits are actually incredible tools when it comes to keeping the body healthy and cool. With 20-30 lymph nodes per pit, the armpits play a large role in aiding our immune system in healthy function by literally sweating out the ‘bad stuff’. 

Our body wants nothing more than to banish toxins from the body, and one of the ways it does this is through sweat! Believe it or not, the sweat itself is actuallygood for your body and is pretty much odourless!

The smell comes in when our sweat glands become blocked up with toxins from a multitude of things such as our diet, environmental factors, alcohol, preservatives and parabens, and the ingredients in our skincare (and yes, deodorant!). 

This is where the magic of detox comes in!

What is a Pit Detox and When Should You Use it?

The purpose of a pit detox is actually to draw out the toxins caught up in your sweat glands so that your sweat can flow freely. 

Wait, what? We’re gonna make ourselves sweat more?! 

Well, not exactly. As we mentioned above, sweat is your body releasing toxins, so if your armpits are toxin-free, there will be less mess to sweat about! Beyond this, without so many interfering elements to influence your odour, you’ll likely find yourself needing less deodorant to smell fresh!

Using a pit detox is perfect for helping you transition to a natural deodorant or for when you feel your time between applications is becoming shorter and shorter (or seemingly not working at all). 

If you’ve noticed a rash, bumps, or any other irritation in your pits, this is another sign it's time to detox. 

How to Detox Armpits

An armpit detox is actually incredibly easy (and dare we say, a bit of fun!). 

Our favourite Pit Detox from Rustic Peppermint is essentially a face mask for your pits! All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of the detox powder with a splash of water to form a smooth paste. Brush that paste directly onto your underarms and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Kick your feet up, stretch your arms behind your head, and relax!

Once the pit mask is dry, rinse it away and voila! A fresh base to start the week. 

After your initial detox period (1 mask every 2-3 days for 2 weeks) add your detox into your weekly reset routine for a little toxin-free self-care!

Natural Deodorant Solutions

Now that you’re on your way to toxin-free pits, it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to antiperspirants and mainstream deo’s. 

Preservatives and parabens in ‘regular’ deodorants play a large part in the build-up of toxins that causes body odour. Beyond causing a heightened need for reapplication, there are actually a number of other not-so-friendly side effects these ingredients may be taking on your body.  

The solution? Honest and toxin-free natural deodorants from reputable brands like Rustic Peppermint and Woohoo!. These Aussie-made brands are aluminium-free, paraben-free, and designed to let your body sweat without the stink!

Say Bye-Bye to B.O!

From the science of sweat to the perfect pit detox solution, we can’t wait for you to breeze through your day without an emergency pit check in sight! 

Ready to start your transition to toxin-free pits? Check out our natural deodorant guide to make the swap as smooth and smell-free as possible!

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